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Placement & Recession

With Nikhil Prasanna

How to be a HR Manager

With Anubha Sinha

Web 3.0

With Sushant Pandey

Placement Class

With Jayesh Batra

AI & Business

With Dhruv Bhardwaj

Freelancing in Content

With Mohar Bhattarcharjee

Investment Banking

With Ashish Sudhera

Kick start your Self Improvement ...

With Divyansh Tuteja

How to get started for GSoC ?

With Mohak Srivastav

Future with Crypto & Newsletters

With Akash

Android Development with Open ...

With Manish Singh

Metaverse and It's Future

With Shantanu Barai

How to become a Product Analyst ?

With Somil Kabra

How to run ad campaigns on Social ... ?

With Kushal Khandelwal

How to do SaaS Product Marketing ?

With Hitesh Goel

Personality Development with Eng...

With Kritarth Mittal

Scope with AI and the Future !

With Vibin Kishore

Marketing & Branding for B2B & B2C

With Twinkle Nanda

All about System Design !

With Vijay Kambala

The Art of Podcasting

With Ripudaman Bhardwaj

Present & Future of Blockchain

With Kiran Dutta

Some Basics of Investing

With Dharmik Bakhai

Building a startup from Scratch

With Ishan Arora

Game of Branding on Linkedin

With Nikhil Mishra

Business Consultancy

With Saurav Dutta

Approach towards interview

With Pratik Anand

Some law & orders you should know

With Shikhar Khandelwal

Side Hustle in College

With Prayush Rai

Let's Understand Game Development

With Akshay Goel

Let's discuss about Data Science

With Sarthak Maheshwari

The Art of Storytelling

With Alok Tarafdar

Get started with UX Design

With Mohit Bhardwaj

Career in Cyber Security

With Vipin Kumar Sharma

Let's Understand Product Manage...

With Vaibhav Bansal

Decoding Crypto for the Layman

With Ankit Jaiswal

All about Data Science

With Sanprit Nayan

Meme Creation as Career

With Pradumna Soni

Freelancing in Designing

With Kushal Gautam

Let's discuss about Blockchain

With Bhavneesh Yadav

Successful Data Engineer & Influencer

With Shashank Mishra

How to Contribute in GSoc ?

With Ankit Choudhary

How to be an Android Developer ?

With Haresh Nayak

How to be a Content Writer in 2022 ?

With Ekta Jesani

How to become PRO in CP ?

With Ritesh Rastogi

Excel yourself with excel

With Saurav Dutta

How to be a Full Stack Developer ?

With Rajat Dash

How to be a SMM Freelancer ?

With Sanskar Saxena

How to be ML Reseacher, Developer ?

With Prerna Mishra

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